The College Essay Program

The College Essay Program is dedicated to helping you write strong essays that accurately reflect you in front of the admissions committee and improve your overall chances. You’ll be participating in asynchronous as well as synchronous sessions with the advisor to learn and master the art of crafting exceptional essays.

The most significant factor in determining admission to a college, after grades and test scores, is the essay.
The conclusive aim of this program is to have:

  • at least 3 completed essays

  • a finished essay template that can be used for various essay prompts to reuse essay topics

  • the abilities required to confidently complete the remaining college essays

In the event that the student requires additional help with the essays, extra sessions could be organized with the experts.
We have assisted countless students in writing outstanding college essays. Our knowledgeable tutors will walk students through the entire process, from prompt selection to final edits.

Each student must discuss their unique strengths and weaknesses in their college essays. To ensure that essays place students in the best possible positions for admissions success, our experts offer tailored advice.

We create a personalized schedule with each individual student to help them select their senior year courses and plan out deadlines for the college admissions process.

We schedule one-on-one college research sessions to help students learn more about the Common App, the FAFSA, scholarship applications, and other factors of interest.

We help students follow their deadlines with monthly check-ins in order to set them up for success. In addition, we give them necessary feedback on their college essays.

Since 2020, college admissions have changed dramatically, so persuasive application essays are more important than ever. With more than 20 years of combined experience throughout the entire admissions process, we have a subtle approach and expertise in leveraging college essays to help students get admission into their dream schools.