The standard test for college admittance, we understand the need to get as close to a 1600 as possible. Our personalized curriculum takes the best strategies from every guide and practice book out there. In three stages we cover the basic questions for an easy point boost, the less frequent types that keep students from that 700 echelon, and then questions that students are supposed to miss!

  1. Mastering the basics of subject-verb agreement grammar and the foundations of algebraic function solving, so none of the easy questions are missed.
  2. Breaking down question types into different strategies to consistently answer questions and build confidence
  3. Finding different methods to answering certain questions that keep students from that perfect score.

Monthly practice tests are turned into data to breakdown learning styles and types of questions that need more focus in the classroom.

Subject SATs-some colleges want to see skill or initiative in a specific subject in order to identify the really gifted engineers, scientists, and writers. College Board offers a test similar to the SAT, but on only one subject at a time. If you’re ready to show off in one category or are asked to, we cover the format and mindset for each subject, and offer one-on-one practice sessions two months from test day to the day of.

Please schedule a meeting to understand our style and discuss a personalized plan that suits your child’s needs.