Summer Prep/Camps - Classes Starting June 17th

Condensed and highly effective, our twelve-week courses pack everything needed to use what students have learned over the school year and apply it to get a great score on this fall’s coming SAT tests. The AP Prep Courses and Summer Enrichment programs help them to prepare for the upcoming year. Each class condenses a lot of practice material in the class. Other than the class time, we ask students to come more frequently for extra help and practice. The intense practice sessions help identify the weaknesses and the practice time is utilized to work on strengthening the weak concepts. With practice tests given every week & discussions of the tests, the real thing will be no sweat!


Our unique 3 Phase Preparation technique

  • Phase 1: Complete curriculum discussion. This phase covers a detailed discussion of all reading, writing concepts, and math concepts. The most commonly tested concepts, faster-solving methods, useful formulas, and tricks. We encourage taking notes and we solve at least one practice book.
  • Phase 2: Stress testing and identifying weaknesses. The students are given timed partial and sectional tests. As we progress into the course, the tests gradually get harder, and the time is reduced to challenge the students. This process is very effective in identifying the areas of weakness and better time management. We emphasize maintaining the records of the score and weak topics.
  • Phase 3: Full Tests, review, and Strengthening. We review the topics identified in Phase two and assign more personalized practices to individual students catering to their needs. This is followed by full tests and review sessions. Students will complete 10+ Full Practice proctored tests.

Summer SAT/ACT Prep Program

For Students Preparing for the First Time

Preparation Period: June 17th–October 4th (16 Weeks)

Course Fee: $3999

  • 3 Phase preparation; 20+ timed partial practice tests.
  • 3 days a week, classes. 6 hours of classes per week during Phase 1 and 4 hours of classes with a full test during Phase 2 & 3.
  • 10 Real d-SAT/ACT Full practice tests and discussion
  • Unlimited hours of guided practice and 1-1 help every week.

Summer SAT/ACT Prep Boost (Phase 3):

Recommended for students with year-long preparation

Preparation Period: June–August/September

Fee: $540/month

  • Twice a week, 2 hours class complemented with 3+ hours of homework & practice
  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 with Phase 1 Review
  • 10+ Proctored Real Practice Tests

* Designed for the students who have completed Phase 1 & 2

** The students can ask to work on extra practice with the teachers. This time will be utilized to reinforce concepts taught in the class and identifying the weaknesses and common mistakes that students commit. Not mandatory to attend every day.

Summer AP Mastery course:

The course is designed for students who are taking multiple APs in the fall. It is very challenging to effectively study for more than three APs in one year without additional support. Moreover, if the students are engaged in extracurriculars, they do not have enough time to get extra tutoring to help them on these multiple APs. This course will prepare them for the entire subject matter during the summer. During this course, the students will learn all the concepts necessary to perform better in the class. The class teachings will include practice worksheets and material. The students will be tested on the course material delivered during the class to check their readiness for the school year. The primary aim of the Course is to master the subject over the summer and to be successful during the school year.

Summer AP Mastery

  • Complete Curriculum Preparation on the AP Subject
  • 12 week of prep led by an elite instructor
  • Comprehensive Lessons on each topic
  • Practice material
  • Topic Tests
  • Supplemental Material
  • Full-Length AP Tests and discussions

Summer AP Prep Mastery

Complete Subject Mastery

Popular Subjects

  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics
  • Algebra-1 Algebra-2 w/Trig Geometry PreCalculus/Math Analysis

Fee and duration

Preparation Period : June – September(4 Months)

Program Regular / AP Course

We offer Bridging and Mastery Programs in the following Subjects:

Academic Courses

  1. Foundations of Algebra

  2. Algebra-1

  3. Algebra-2 w/Trig

  4. Geometry

  5. PreCalculus/Math Analysis

  6. Chemistry

  7. Physics

  8. Biology

  9. Calculus

AP Courses

  1. AP Calculus

  2. AP Chemistry

  3. AP Physics

  4. AP Statistic

  5. AP Computer Science

  6. AP Biology

  7. Multivariable Calculus

  8. AP World History

  9. AP US History

  10. AP Language

  11. AP Government

  12. AP Psychology

Time Options:

9 to 119 to 119 to 11
11 to 111 to 111 to 1
4 to 64 to 6-1 to 3
6 to 86 to 83 to 5

Please schedule a meeting to know more about our Summer Test Prep & subject enrichment tutoring schedule.

*Weekend Optional