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*Weekend Optional


Condensed and highly effective, our eight-week course packs everything needed to use what students have learned over the school year and apply it to get a great score on this fall’s coming SAT tests. Each class condenses a lot of practice material in the class. Other than the class time, we ask students to come more frequently for extra help and practice. The intense practice sessions help identify the weaknesses and the practice time is utilized to work on strengthening the weak concepts. With practice tests given every week discussions of the tests, the real thing will be no sweat!

Subject Tutoring

To boost the GPA, driven students work on basic math and science summer classes over the summer and work on advanced classes during the school year. Coherence learning can provide expert advice on choosing and helping on the chosen subjects to keep good grades on the summer course.

Getting ready for the coming school is another way to high grades and to start high school relatively stronger and smoother. Knowing the material ahead of the class is always better for boosting confidence. We provide help to prepare for all the Science and Math foundation classes. AP Calc and AP Sciences are some of the dreaded courses that certainly need a strong foundation to stay comfortably ahead and getting the GPA boost with good grades. We will provide all the resources and material on the subjects to make sure that you meet your academic goals.

Please schedule a meeting to know more about our Summer Test Prep & subject enrichment tutoring schedule.

Summer Program Format/Plan

First Time Preparation

4 Months of Prep. $2200* from June 8th till September 30th.

Five days a week – 2 hours class teaching twice a week, unlimited* hours of guided practice per week.

3 phase preparation ; 20+ timed partial practice tests.

10 full practice tests and discussion.

*Additional $600 for unlimited practice hours.

Summer Boost* :

40+ hours of class prep. $450 per month for June, July and August.

Twice a week, 2 hours class complemented with 3+ hours of guided practice per day**

Minimum of 1 practice test per week with more than 10 Practice tests over the 10 weeks.

** The students will be asked to come and work on extra practice with the teachers. This time will be utilized to reinforce concepts taught in the class and identifying the weaknesses and common mistakes that students commit. Not mandatory to attend every day.

* Designed for our yearlong SAT students