TJ Admission Test

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST/TJ) is one of the top 5 specialized high schools in the national rankings. The high is school primarily focused on Science and Technology and is operated by FCPS. TJ allows admission to students from five counties including the Fairfax County. Fall of every year, the TJHSST Admissions Office accepts applications from different grade levels but the most popular is the application of eighth-graders for the Freshmen year at TJ. The aspiring students will need to Complete the Problem-Solving Essay. Th topic will be from Math and/or Science content Topic solving will include multiple steps process that may need to be applied in order to present a solution.
Applicant response will include a solution along with an explanation of the process to solve problem written in essay format. All aspiring students must be enrolled in Algebra 1 or a higher math course to be eligible for the admission. There is an exception for the students who cannot take Algebra I in his or her middle school. Other than the admissions test, prior academic achievement, and teacher recommendations are required.


Loudoun County on the other hand provides a part-time alternative school program for high school students enrolled in LCPS. The Academy provides advanced math and science courses for gifted students in science and technology. With a very strong curriculum, world class campus, and higher percentage of students making it to the top undergraduate schools of the country, the number of applicants applying to AOS/AET has increased. LCPS has complemented this increase by increasing the intake by 3 times. Since the 2021 fall admissions, LCPS has tested students on a STEM skill assessment test. The test evaluates the students’ problem solving and scientific thinking skills in multiple ways. The test includes logical reasoning, critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning. The test includes a Student Interest Statement (SIS), an essay, and the STEM test.

We work on the core conceptual foundation of math, science, and technology. Our methods have proved to deliver a 100% improvement in problem-solving and test-taking strategies. We do not overload students with umpteen practices but try to identify the conceptual weaknesses and work on focused personalized plan. Our small class size is the key to effective preparation.

The students who have worked with us for longer periods have breezed through the tests for the first cut. Our approach to work on strengthening the concepts during these foundational years has proved to keep the students stronger in academic performance in high schools.

Coherence learning provides the best High School Admission Test Prep in and around Loudoun County.